Hotel Reservation System

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Hotel Reservation System is a mechanism through which guest can secure online reservation made through which guest can secure online reservation made through hotel website. It allows guest to book directly from hotels online without intermediaries. This information is then assed onto a backend system which can be accessed by the hotel staff to manage bookings. 

The hotel Reservation System software essentially automates the booking process syncing up with hotel website & social media so that guest can reserve easily and conveniently without having to visit other website. This system helps the customers for user friendly& flawless booking process attracting more customers & leading sales. These type of booking systems are used in hospitality industry in order to allow guest to book their own stays online through software. It helps facilitates a smoother booking process & easily gathers data into your system. Furthermore, it gives you an edge over your competitors and improve efficiency by automatically syncing across your systems and channels.

Improved Efficiency 

A hotel reservation system being hosted in the cloud means hoteliers can manage reservations remotely, at any time, 24x7x365. A reservation system being automated improves efficiency for hotels. This reduces the risk of overbooking and also reduces the tim taken by front desk to administer the task. It has the ability to automate the task such as confirmation of bookings providing enough time for staff taking care of costumer services. Since guests are essentially in charge of generating their own reservations, bookings arrive into the system with all the necessary information already in place – all the reception staff have to do is get ready for their arrival. Automating processes is the key to having a successful and efficient operation during the pre and post trip process. 

Competitive Advantage 

In the world of digitalization it is common for all the hotels to automate their systems. However some of the small hotels are still operating manually, which gradually leads to degrading of their sales and customer satisfaction. Since the vast majority of people are now booking online, having the ability to book online gives you an edge over those businesses that have not yet invested in the software to make this possible. When guests book directly through the hotel’s own reservation system, hotels don’t have to share the profit, so they can also offer better prices to guests. This Hotel Reservation Systems also provides an option to customize your system according to the need & requirements. For example - they can customize a clear branding message throughout the buyer journey. The booking engine can reflect your hotel branding within your own unique URL, giving a sense of security to the guests and making them want to book directly with you, advantage competitors won’t have if they don’t have their own booking engine.

Cost Reduction & Time Saving 

If customers book rooms or make reservation online, they don't have to wait for hour hours for team confirmation which leads to save time. At the same time, you will not require to hire a team responsible for continuous email communication with guest. A hotel Reservation System provides various features including their personal data and automatically confirms the booking with the customers.

Easy Data Collection 

Collecting customer data is key for marketing purposes, and an online booking system is a way to ensure that data collection is easy and that all guest data is in one place. You can easily understand guest demographics, preferences, what amenities they prefer, where they are coming from, and how many guests are traveling. You can use this information to tailor your marketing strategies and improve the overall guest experience, thus boosting retention rates. 

Reduces chances of Errors 

When you have your own system, guest are in charge of making their own reservations, so presumably there will be no errors in the guest details and contact information. However, should an error occur, the hotel will not be held accountable. Hence, keeping your reputation intact. Moreover, since the reservation system syncs up with channel managers, the likelihood of an overbooking due to human error is little to none. Reducing human error in bookings allows a better service and frees up time to take care of other tasks rather than cleaning up errors.

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