POS For Your Restaurant-Cafe Business

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Ekta Mahepal
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Proper restaurant- cafe- hotel Management helps us to manage the restaurant effectively. It is easy to manage a restaurant by using Odoo pos. we have the option to create restaurant floors, tables, no. of chairs etc. We can design our floor with different colors and similarly, we can design the tables with different color and shape such as round, square, rectangle etc. This helps to take orders to different tables and manage the customers effectively. These are some of the highlights which make the Odoo POS as the best POS system for restaurants or the best ERP for the restaurant.


How To Use POS For Your 

Restaurant-Cafe-Hotel Business

Manage Restaurant Floors and Tables
  • With Odoo POS System for Restaurants, you can add floors and tables to manage the floor settings and coordinate the table ordering.
Register the Order for a Particular Table
  • Click on Point of Sale from the top bar and click on the restaurant POS. Select the table you want to register an order for, and you will get a window
Transfer Order
  • If you need to transfer the order to another table, you can do it easily with the ‘Transfer’ button. Click on the Transfer button and select the Table you wish to transfer the order to. Once you put in the order and select the order, you can see that the order has been shifted to another table in the top bar.
  • The Odoo POS module provides a great feature to review the quotations and orders for a particular customer or an entire Floor.
  • The info icon will give the entire information about the selected product from the order. For example, if you select the ‘Bacon Burger’ and click on the ‘info’ button. Once you click on the ‘info’ button, you will get a window as given below containing all the information.
Split The Restaurant Bills
  • When dealing with restaurants, one should provide the option for customers to share the bill. By introducing the option to the billing interface, Odoo POS simplifies the splitting process

After placing an order, if you need to refund the order you can easily do it with Odoo POS for your restaurant. Odoo POS keeps a detailed transaction history, allowing for easy tracking and reference. This feature helps in identifying the original order, facilitating a smooth refund process.

Loyalty Program 
  • Understand what you want to achieve with your loyalty program. It could be increased customer retention, higher average transaction values, or attracting new customers.  Customers earn points for each purchase, which can be redeemed for discounts, free products, or other rewards.
Coupons And Vouchers
  • Create Vouchers/Coupons for discounts special occasions to grab more customers. Create vouchers in simple steps and set some default configurations to save time. Within the POS module, you should find an option to configure promotions and discounts, including coupon codes.
Kiosk Mode
  • Kiosk Mode is often used in self-service scenarios where customers can browse the menu, make selections, customize their orders, and make payments without direct assistance from staff.The menu displayed in Kiosk Mode is typically simplified for easy navigation, ensuring a smooth and efficient ordering process.
Online Table Booking
  • The system should update in real-time to reflect the availability of tables based on existing reservations and walk-in customers. This involves assigning tables to orders, tracking the status of tables (e.g., occupied, available), and facilitating a smooth dine-in experience.
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