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Employee Portal Dashboard



Introducing our Odoo17 Enterprise module, designed to empower employees with a comprehensive dashboard for seamless day-to-day operations. Upon accessing the dashboard, users are greeted with an intuitive interface showcasing organisational charts, upcoming birthdays, meetings, and time-off schedules. The sidebar navigation offers convenient access to various functionalities, including employee directories, attendance tracking via facial recognition, leave applications, performance appraisals, timesheet submissions, project and task management, payroll details, and company announcements. With a user-centric approach, our module simplifies tasks, fosters productivity, and enhances employee engagement, all without the need for backend access. Experience efficiency and empowerment like never before with our employee-centric solution.


Employee dashboard with organisational chart and upcoming events

Task bar for easy navigation to different functionalities

Facial recognition-based attendance tracking

Leave application management

Performance appraisal and analysis tools



  • Once module has been installed, Employee can find dashboard under their name.


  • Employees can see their meetings, HR announcements, upcoming birthdays of other employees, their work days, chart organisation, etc.


  • Employees can see other employees and their information by clicking on the employee option on the side bar. They can also view employees using different filters.


  • Employees can fill out their attendance with the attendance option on the side bar.


  • Employees can apply for leave directly from the dashboard. By clicking on leave on the side bar, the employee will have the option to add a leave. If the leave has yet to be approved, the employee can also edit the leave that he has applied for.